How to get started with Essential Oils

I am so excited for you that you’re wanting to take the plunge in to essential oils! You won't know how you ever lived without them! I know this can feel overwhelming, but I am here to help you.

Most people start with essential oils  with one of our enrollment kits. They’re the best value because your membership fee ($35) is included with the kit!

If for some reason none of these kits look interesting to you, let me know, so I can work with you specifically on your needs. We can add ANY oils a la carte and if you just want to order ONE oil for now – that’s fine too! My passion is getting these oils in people’s hands all while educating you and welcoming you in to our community however YOU choose!


Essential Oil Starter Kits

Whether you want to just use the oils personally in your home, share with others and supplement your income, or build a business by sharing natural health with others and completely replace your income, this is an amazing time to get started with an essential oil wellness lifestyle! There are kits in all shapes, sizes and price points.

Getting started with a natural lifestyle centered around essential oils can be a big and overwhelming step, but so, SO worth it. You are not alone! I am here to mentor and guide you along in this journey. When you join my team, it’s my joy and my passion to help and support you. So don’t be shy, please call/email me!

ALL of my essential oil starter kits include:

  • a FREE wholesale membership, very similar to a Costco membership! You get wholesale pricing (25% off) for a year! There are no buying or selling requirements. You only need to buy one thing…per YEAR…to keep your wholesale buying privileges. If these oils impact your home the way they have impacted ours, this will be absolutely no problem!


  • Mentoring, education and support. Did you really think I would leave you all alone trying to figure out how to use your oils? Not so! This is a community, and education and support are HUGE. We can’t wait to welcome you to the club, and help you figure out how to use these powerful oils most effectively, and teach you all the ins and outs on how to get the most out of your membership.


  • Access to the Loyalty Rewards Program –  for members only! You can participate in this (totally optional) free program that gives you 10%-30% back on your monthly purchases (compare that again to Costco with it’s 2% back!) That’s on top of the 25% off! With this program, I get 55% off my oils and FREE shipping!

That’s not it! You also get……

Your wholesale membership fee of $35 is waived, making all future orders 25%-55% off (just like Costco)!
Deeper discount for purchasing a kit
Join our private team training portal for support
Receive free gifts from me

Need specific help?  Email/Call me and let me know you are interested in starting essential oils and I’ll help you figure out what oils or kit fit your needs!

How to Purchase:

How do I get started? 

dōTERRA is sold exclusively through essential oil educators, like me. These advocates, like myself, introduce, educate about, and sell essential oils in their local markets through person-to-person contact and globally through websites (like this one!).

If you are not already talking with a doTERRA essential oil educator, then I would love to help you get started!  Most people start with a wholesale membership and by purchasing a membership kit ($35). It’s the best savings and the steepest discount and very similar to a Sam’s or Costco membership! When you purchase a wholesale membership, you will get wholesale prices (25% off) on ALL your future purchases.

Step 1: Decide on your starter kit (scroll down for details on my favorite starter kits).

Step 2: Click over to and enter your country and hit continue.

Step 2: Select “Wholesale Customer” (cannot sell doTERRA) or “Wellness Advocate” (can sell doTERRA) and then hit continue. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 2151651 in both boxes and the name should come up as “Julie O'Reilly.” PS. if at any time you decide to sell the oils, you can simply upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account at any time. 

Step 3: Input your contact and shipping info

Step 4:  Select your starter kit. This is where you can specify which starter kit you would like. I talk in depth about the starter kits below and which ones are my favorite!

Step 5: Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue

Recommended Starter Kits:


Home Essentials Kit (3)

Diamond Kit Price – $4,242 | $2,500

This kit is an incredible savings and a wonderful investment. If I could start all over, I would have purchased this starter kit. This kit will give you everything you need to make healthy and natural swaps in your health and home…so if that is you, if you are 100% ready to invest in your health, then this kit is for you.

If you purchased all these products at retail, you would spend $4,242. The kit price is only $2,500..  This kit is also for that person who wants to create an income with doTERRA, which is why it’s also known as the “Entrepreneurial” kit. You can jump into sharing and selling doTERRA with ANY kit, but this person sees the benefit and the savings in purchasing all the oils and products right away.

>>>>Purchase this kit <<<<

Freebies from me & doTERRA if you purchase the diamond kit: 

  • 15 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint (pictured above)
  • Essential oil usage book
  • Invitation to join our private team training portal
  • $400 back in free oils!
  • Support from me and my team leaders
  • save an extra 50% on all your future orders


Home Essentials Kit (2)
Every Oil Kit – $2,366 | $1,775

Who doesn’t need every oil? This kit is perfect for that person who wants all the oils to make anything they could possibly think of. I hate not having the oils I need to make roller bottles and different DIY recipes. With this kit, you get every single oil doTERRA has to offer, including Melissa (limited availability) and Roman Chamomile, which isn’t available to everyone else right now.

>>>>Purchase this kit <<<<

You also get a great canvas bag to put all your oils in, and our 8-hour waterless diffuser. You get to skip ahead and save an additional 20% if you participate in our Loyalty Rewards program! You also will get $200 back when you place a qualifying order next month.

Freebies from me & doTERRA if you purchase the Every Oil kit: 

  • 15 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint (pictured above)
  • Essential Oil Usage Book
  • Invitation to join our private team training portal
  • $200 back in free oils!  save an extra 45% on all your future orders
  • Support from me and my team leaders

#3 Natural Solutions Kit

Home Essentials Kit (1)

Natural Solutions Kit – $733.15 | $550

The Natural Solution Kit is our TOP selling kit! It includes so many wonderful oils that you are going to need in your home, our 8-hour Aroma Lite diffuser, our incredible Lifelong Vitality supplements, a wooden storage box , and some other blends that are so necessary to have, like Balance “grounding” blend and Serenity “calming” blend!

I love that you will get some of our OnGuard products and the TerraZyme digestive enzymes. The Deep Blue Rub is so amazing to have on hand for tired and sore muscles after a long day or workout. When you purchase this kit, you have the option skip ahead and save an additional 15% with a monthly Loyalty Rewards program. This is, hands-down my favorite kit for those who can’t afford the Diamond or Every Oil kit!

>>>> Purchase this kit <<<

Freebies from me & doTERRA when you purchase the Natural Solutions Kit:

  • 15 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint (pictured above)
  • Essential Oil Usage Book
  • Invitation to join our private team training portal
  • $100 back in free oils
  • Save an extra 35% on all future orders
  • Support from me and my team leaders

#4 Home Essentials Kit

Home Essentials Kit

The Home Essential Kit – $366.57 | $275 

Our Home Essentials Kit includes our top 10 most loved essential oils in full-size bottles, plus the 4-hr Petal Diffuser for dispersing oils into the air of your home. This is a great economical kit for those who want the most needed oils in your home right away and you can add to it as needed.

>>>>Purchase this kit<<<<

Freebies from me and doTERRA when purchasing the Home Essentials Kit: 

  • 15 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint (pictured above)
  • Support from me and my team leaders


CLICK HERE to see the more specialized starter kits. There’s lots more…these are just my favorites.


That’s it- congratulations on starting your doTERRA adventure!  You will receive a confirmation email– you can log into your account right away to manage your orders. You are now a doTERRA Wholesale Member!

You will receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours with directions on how to join our private team forum.

If you don’t receive my email, please EMAIL ME: Sometimes it goes to spam ,so please check your spam file! 

I look forward to sharing essential oils and natural solutions with you!


Do I have to order monthly?

Nope, you do not have to order monthly – or ever again should you not want to! Our hope is that as a community, we educate you and inspire you in a way that you love using your essential oils and ordering them through the Loyalty Rewards Program system really is the best way but not a requirement.

Do I have to sell a certain amount?

No! Sharing essential oils is an option! You do not have to share, meet quotas, sell a certain amount etc…to enjoy your wholesale membership!

Is there a Return Policy?

Yes you can return your essential oils! You can read the return policy in detail here.