Loyalty Rewards Program

This is how you maximize your wholesale membership by receiving free product! It is optional but the BEST way to order and save money! By the end of the year you save up to 55% off all products forever!! Say for example, you order $200 worth of product, once your reach the 30% back rate, doTERRA will put $60 back in your cart to spend on whatever you would like the following month!! This is what I get now! So amazing and so generous!

Receive a Customized shipment every month!

Your monthly order can be created, changed or cancelled at any time so don’t fret if you skip it now and decide you want it later. To take full advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program you’ll want to set your monthly ship date to be before the 15th of the month. When your order is at least 125 pv - you’ll always receive a FREE oil of the month!

Loyalty Rewards Program Explained…
 Quick Video to Explain!

Here’s a great SAMPLE 3 month wellness ordering plan to consider: