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I just love making hand stamped jewelry for you! It is so rewarding to create these personalized pieces that mean so much to my customers. I strive to offer pieces that are simple, elegant, and easy to where.

I have a new passion in addition to the jewelry so I have decided to combine these two passions by offering a new line of Necklaces - "Simply Inhale" 

Simply Inhale Necklaces are Essential Oil Necklaces that are fun to wear as well as healing to the mind and body! Just click on the Simply Inhale tab to learn all about them!

I have fallen in love with using essential oils for natural health care and feel the need to spread the word that there is a fantastic natural option available to you to reach optimal health!   These Gifts of the Earth, are here to help us STAY healthy, as well as GET healthy, with no side effects!

I continue to make jewelry, but am spending most of my time educating others on how to use these magical oils to help meet their family’s needs. So go ahead and ask me how you too can get started on this amazing journey! I look forward to hearing from you!

Call: 203.520.8122

To Learn more about the use how to get your hands on the purest, most effective Essential OIls out there, go here:

Julie O’Reilly